The Chantilly

This is the first house that I built. I absolutely love the front of this house with all the trim. It is very red but I wanted to make it just like it looked on the front of the box.
It was so much fun and frustrating to build - as I am sure any big house is. It probably was not the best house to be my 1st build but I sure did learn a lot.
I still have a lot of detail work to finish on this house..touch up paint, shingles on the back, roof trim, it is missing a door knob, and various other items. There is a part of me that wants to keep it put away until I get the motivation to finish it all and make it just right but my dear dollhouse friends have given me the courage to display it anyway.

Here are photos of the build process

Here are ton of photos of the Chantilly decorated

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North Liberty Resident said...

Corey, these are amazing. I need you to come and decorate my home. :)